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The Langtunes

Influenced by so many artists of different genres, from Alternative/Indie Rock, to Heavy Metal, from Disco Punk, to Elctro-Dance Rock, from Hip-Hop, to Electronica and Trip-hop, Behrooz Moosavi And Kamyar Keramati joined together and formed Langtunes in 2009 basically as a cover band. After an underground performance in the winter of 2009 they decided to move on and started to work on their own music. After recording a couple of songs, they went on a tour in Istanbul.
They’ve recorded and self-released two demo CDs. „Sentimental Disasters“ in 2012 was followed by a short tour in Germany and Istanbul and in 2013, „The Bright Ages“ was followed by a 3 months European tour.
They have also played 2 sets of shows in Iran and are currently working on their first EP to be released officially.

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