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Born August 1987 in Munich he recognized on the journey to his true self the absurd look for a sense in our senseless beliefs, we have been taught since we were children. Addicted to the taste of freedom, the hint of true love everyone knows who flees to festivals, clubs, bars, partys, concerts etc. just for that little moment worth more than anything material, more important than any nutrition or breath, he decided in 2008 to bring his own part into Munich’s suburban north music scene. Sometimes for cash in places in the local area but most of the time his intention was “einfachnurpartymachen” (just partying) no matter where, just danceable, loud and sweaty! He found a sense, a confession. Inspired by DJ’s like Boys Noize, Les Petits Pilous, Diplo, Justice, Crookers, Fukkk Offf and of course many more he developed a style rougher than anything you thought to be rough, very noisy and sometimes chaotic, but still in a pumping electronic way. He also developed a very deep and calm lounge style for highclass bars/restaurants like BrennerGrill in Munich’s Maximilianstraße where he’s playing nearly every Saturday. The journey goes on always ready for the next jumpoff, restlessly hunting for the next rave and a little bit of that freedom again, to forget what the world won’t forgive. Music is the better religion!

nicht nur D(ie)J….sondern DerJ !! not just DJ…I’m DerJ !!


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Waldstock Festival 2016

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